Donald Trump Wants To Have Massive Military Parade in Washington DC To Show Off America’s Cool Guns or Whatever

President Trump wants to celebrate the troops with a big, beautiful military parade through Washington, DC.

The Pentagon and White House officials are in discussions to hold a grand event this year featuring soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the streets of the nation’s capital to highlight America’s armed forces, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The commander-in-chief has been pushing for an American military parade after being wowed at France’s Bastille Day celebration last summer in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Trump admitted being dazzled by an array of crisply dressed French troops marching down Avenue des Champs-Elysees accompanied by tanks and other armored vehicles, with F-16 fighter jets providing air power above and blowing streaks of blue, white and red smoke to represent the French flag.

(NY Post)


The president of the United States saw all of the cool tanks that France has and ran back home to demand that America shows off their way cooler tanks because he is on the constant quest to reveal to the world how tiny his little penis is.

This will not be a great look for America. Literally nothing that Donald Trump has done is a great look for America. Randomly having tanks roll out on Main Street and beating your chest about your powerful military is super jingoist and a gross waste of financial resources for a man who is supposed to be all about making money for this country and not spending it on dumb shit.

Imagine if North Korea or Russia randomly had a gigantic ceremony where they marched out their military on the city capital. Donald Trump, after watching an hour of Fox News, would run to Twitter and declare war on them.

Point is, we’re all going to die.




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