This Motherfucker Really Got Impeached Twice

Donald Trump has been impeached. Again. 5 days after MAGA weirdos stormed the Capitol in order to prevent Congress from certifying election results after Trump not only encouraged their siege but lied and said he was going down there with them.

The articles of Impeachment also include Trump’s leaked recorded phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger where he asked him to ‘find’ votes aka commit voter fraud in order to help the president win the state. Just amazing to cry about the election being rigged only to very openly beg someone to rig it for you.

This lunatic was impeached TWICE. That two more times than anyone I know and one more time than any president prior.

The first time came in December 2019 after asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. You’re kind of not allowed to ask foreign nations to fuck with our elections. Although, Trump asked Russia to hack Hilliary Clinton’s emails when they ran against each other in 2016 and we were all like ‘oh Trump, you silly goose. You can’t do that!’

Now, to defend his second impeachment, Trump clearly learned his lesson. The first time he was charged with asking a foreign nation to destroy our country and this time he asked his own American citizens to do so. The growth.

The problem was, Republican senators did not vote to remove him from office after his first impeachment because nothing matters to these politicians besides trolling each other and getting retweets. And 13 months later, 5 people are dead (lol) because Trump told his asshole fanatics to attack Congress.

Chances are, Trump will face zero consequences once again, as he’s done his entire life, and this was all a waste of time in order to set a ‘precedent’ or whatever. Donald Trump has a week left in office and instead of making ACTUAL changes to prevent this from happening again, politicians are symbolically trying to embarrass Trump. Cool.

What they should be working on is a new law that completely removes this lame-duck period that way when a president attempts to run for a second term and loses, he doesn’t cry and bitch and incites riots on Capitol Hill.

You lose on election day, your bags are packed and your uber is there on Wednesday morning. We don’t need a ‘peaceful transition’. Melania Trump hasn’t spoken to Jill Biden once. I promise you that will have zero effects on what Jill does as a First Lady. None of this symbolic shit matters.




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