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Donald Trump Has 24 Hours To Drop an Eminem Diss Track or He’s a Bitch

I don’t care if you clean the bathrooms at a Wendys and you put out awful rap tracks on Soundcloud every night when your shift is over or you’re the ‘president’ of the United States of America. You can’t get destroyed in a diss track and not respond.

I’d like to think the ghost writers at the White House are working from moon to moon to provide Donny with the bars he needs to battle Em. Personally, I think sober Eminem might be one of the lamest rappers in the game and I’ll always rather listen to Quavo rap about bitches then Em rap about, well anything but diss tracks supersede everything. I’m all in on diss tracks.

YOU’RE ON NOTICE, DONALD. We need those fire flames ‘fuck Eminem’ bars. We knew he has the venom in him. See exhibit A:

THAT’S my president. None of the banning trans people from the military or baiting North Korea to murder us all or forcing Mike Pence to show up to the Indianapolis Colts game just so he can pretend to be mad about the anthem. MY PRESIDENT IS A HATER.  Get out there and Ether Marshall.


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