Donald Trump Cutting Funds To Central America and Closing The Mexico Border Will Literally Create The Problems He’s ‘Trying’ To Prevent

This man is dumb.

Typically, it’s best for your mental health to stay as far away from Donald Trump’s Twitter timeline as possible but recently, there have been some pretty serious threats about foreign relations, trade and more specifically, America’s relationship with Mexico and the countries in Central America where caravans of migrants are fleeing from.

It’s being reported that Trump plans on cutting $500 million to the Northern Triangle countries that include Honduras, Guatamala and El Salvador. The money is used by those countries to help stimulate their economies and provide aid to those that need it.

If people are fleeing those nations because there isn’t enough bread to go around then by cutting off the money that they do actually get, you’re about to force even more struggling Central Americans to come seek shelter in the United States.

The money quite literally goes to farmers, job training and the government that you keep demanding to control their citizens and stop them from migrating.

This move is remarkably counterproductive and you’re punishing entire nations for the sins of only a fraction of their population. This is like disciplining your child after he failed a test by pulling him out of school. Oh, and then burning that school to the ground.

The same goes with turning the Mexico border into a warzone. The harder you make it for immigrants to enter the country legally, the more you’re encouraging illegal immigration.

And if you want to push the agenda that illegal immigrants aren’t coming here for a better life but they are only coming here because they want to give us drugs and rape our wives or whatever, by making the Mexican border this inpenetrable fortress, you are forcing the worst of the worst to come here.

Basically, if the consequences of crossing into America get so extreme that mothers that just want work and just want their kids to have a better future will stop coming because the risk will start to outweigh the reward. That’s fine. You win Trump.

But then that causes the worst of the worst, the immigrants that you’re trying to make all of us afraid of, to burst into America because they are the most desperate. The drug dealers and the murderers are the ones that have nothing to lose so you’re filtering out normal folks and exclusively letting in the maniacs. You win Trump.

Instead of attempting to fix immigration by cutting off branches, perhaps look to the root of the problem and figure out what’s causing all of these people to want to get here so badly that they’ll risk their freedom and their life.

And it’s more than just the hubrus of ‘well, we’re America. EVERYONE wants to be here’. Uh, there’s a little more to it than that.


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