Donald Trump Dying From Coronavirus Would Be Hilarious

Donald Trump stood on a debate stage last week and mocked Joe Biden for wearing face masks.

“I don’t wear face masks like him,” Trump said of Biden. “Every time you see him he’s got a mask. He could be speaking 200 feet away … and he shows up with the biggest mask I’ve ever seen.”

Andddd he couldn’t make it to the end of the week before announcing that he himself has tested positive for COVID-19 after traveling on Air Force One with Hope Hicks and Melania Trump, who both also have Coronavirus as well.

From the very beginning of this plague, Donald Trump believed it behooved him more to pretend as if it wasn’t a big deal then it was to take real action to protect us. Over 200,000 Americans died because the White House elected to turn our safety into a culture war to be argued by political pundits and Facebook comments as opposed to simply locking the country entirely down and providing financial support until the virus had been snuffed out. Ya know, that thing that almost every other country on planet Earth did except America.

There was audio released last week of Trump telling Bob Woodward how dangerous Coronavirus was and how seriously we should take it. He then proceeded to claim that the virus was a hoax. He refused to wear a face mask. He rushed people back to work and school before COVID had been even close to contained.

He continued to hold rallies where no one in attendance wore masks. His ‘friend’ Herman Cain died after catching Corona at his Oklahoma rally and Trump didn’t bat an eye. “It is what it is”

And now this weak decaying garbage human is dying from the virus that he let thousands of citizens die from due to his negligence and overall indifference to any human life outside of his own. His lungs are being eroded by the plague. It is what it is.

We all celebrated when we heard the news Thursday night. It was like the night when we found out Osama Bin Laden had died. High fives for everyone. America was healing.

Naturally the fun police emerged to highlight their own self affirmed moral superiority by not only praying for Donald Trump to recover but wagging their finger at those of us who were excited to see him finally face consequences after an entire lifetime of getting away with discrimination, collusion, sexual assault, rape, prejudice and just making life worse for anyone that doesn’t have the same last name as him.

In just 24 hours, we witnessed the biggest problem with American liberalism. They prioritize manners and ‘decency’ over real actions. This odd belief that we must be ‘better’ than Trump and we do so by going high when they go low and other kindergarten bullshit that completely minimizes the actual pain and suffering that has been inflicted by this current administration.

It’s like when Ellen Degeneres was photographed having the time of her life with George Bush at a football game. She went on her show and said that we should all be friends with people regardless of your political differences. Except there is a massive difference between being friends with someone who supported the Iraq War and being friends with the MAN WHO DECLARED WAR.

If it were up to George Bush, Ellen’s gay ass wouldn’t be allowed to marry Lindsay Bluthe. But that’s American liberalism. They are little piggies who love love loveeee eating shit. They want all the shit. Please take away more of my rights, sir. May I have another police beating please? The first one felt so good.

The Central Park Five were black teenagers that were falsely accused of raping a white woman. Donald Trump put out a full page ad demanding that they receive the death penalty. They were proven innocent. He never apologized for going out of his way to wish death on these kids for absolutely no reason outside of his gutteral hate for brown people.

Ava Duvernay directed a Netflix series retelling these events. She also went on Twitter this weekend to wish the President a healthy recovery and when she was called out on it she hopped on his soapbox about how she doesn’t wish death on people and blah blah.

Little pain piggies. Disrespect us. Dehumanize us. Kill us. But we must NEVER wish ill upon our oppressors. Don’t loot or riot. Don’t celebrate the delicious irony of Trump dying from a virus that he pretended did not exist. Continue to just sit quietly and accept your injustices. Just watch Alec Baldwin’s lazy Trump impression on SNL every week and order your Notorious RBG t-shirt.

Fuck that.

You are allowed to celebrate the death of villains. You are allowed to wish pain upon a man responsible for the pain of thousands upon thousands of people throughout his entire adult life. Take pleasure in the suffering of those in power that are responsible for your suffering.

Donald Trump is going to die from Coronavirus and I cannot stop laughing.

This sassy paranoid unhappy goblin deserves this. Trump is an impulsive callow heartless coward and there is nothing funnier to me than a room full of doctors seeing that his lungs are melting and figuring out how to lie to that little bitch so to not upset him with the truth that he is at death’s doorstep as he shivers in a cold hospital thinking about how meaningless his existence truly was.




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