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Donald Trump Came Out of the Clouds To Shit on Mika Brezinski on Twitter

Well…this isn’t great. If your reputation is being a sexist who grab women by the pussy whether they like it or not, it’s not the wisest decision to start your day by talking about a woman’s ‘bleeding face lift’ for literally no reason.

You’re walking a reaaaal thin line when you start calling chicks crazy. That’s like the go-to every guy immediately says when a woman’s not interested in them. There is a 1000% chance that he tried to hook up with Mika Brzezinski and she played him. Now of course, she’s crazy.

But it’s not all negative. ‘Low I.Q.’ is a fantastic insult. I obviously don’t approve of the president randomly calling out a TV host because that’s some Vladimir Putin control the media nonsense but I will always love the low I. Q. line. It almost cancels out the crazy line.

Until you get to the bleeding thing and I’m out again. Very reminiscent of Donald calling out Megyn Kelly for being on her period. Real iffy when you start talking about women bleeding. Yea, I’m out again. Low IQ is great but bleeding, not so much. These tweets are an emotional rollercoaster.

At the end of the day, this is all unimportant. Except you know, he’s the fucking president of the United States.




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