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Donald Trump Asked The President of China To Free LiAngelo Ball

President Trump personally asked his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, to help resolve the case of three UCLA men’s basketball players who were arrested for shoplifting while in Hangzhou for a tournament last week, people familiar with the situation said Monday.

Trump raised the arrests during a two-day state visit to Beijing, arriving a day after the three freshman players were accused of stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store next to the team’s hotel. Guard LiAngelo Ball, brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard Lonzo Ball, and forwards Cody Riley and Jalen Hill did not play in the team’s victory over Georgia Tech on Saturday in Shanghai. They did not fly home with the team, and ESPN has reported that authorities have surveillance footage and that the players could be required to remain in Hangzhou for a week or two.

After Trump raised the matter, Xi promised to look into the case and ensure that the players are treated fairly and expeditiously, said a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

(Washington Post)

Donald Trump just became my president. This was the moment I’ve been waiting for. He has finally acknowledged and tried to help another human being that didn’t have the same last name as him. Shout out to president Trump for solving the world problems that truly matter.

How did Trump even know about this? There is a zero percent chance that he’s a basketball fan. The only time he’s ever held a basketball is moments after he snatches it from a small child and moments before he dropkicks that ball down the block.

I just love how seriously both Trump and Xi Jinping are taking LiAngelo Ball stealing sunglasses. Let the kid go home. The United Nations shouldn’t have to hold an emergency meeting to determine whether or not he lives or dies. The stakes couldn’t be lower.

But that’s my president making things happen and avoiding international incidents.



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