Does Linda Hamilton Returning For Terminator 6 Even Matter?


Terminator 6 is coming next year, a movie that literally zero human beings asked for. Terminator 6 will be a sequel to Terminator 2 and will straight up ignore the last three movies but unfortunately, I cannot pretend like those didn’t happen.

There is a lot to be excited about starting with the director. Tim Miller turned Deadpool into a phenomenon. That movie had no right to be as popular as it was and that was pretty much due to Tim Miller making the most of a pretty small budget and pretty dumb source material.

There is no source material dumber than Terminator.

I’m a huge Mackenzie Davis fan. She was in the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror that made me cry. She was in Blade Runner 2049 that made me cry. I cannot wait to sit in the theatres sobbing watching Terminator 6.

Here’s where things go off the rails: Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming back to play his original role which would be super cool if this movie was coming out in 1995. It’s 2018 and I don’t want to see a 71-year old man in slow motion fist fights.

This is the same shit with Star Wars. There is no reason why Carrie Fisher needs to be in Episode 9 and there’s no reason why Schwarzenegger needs to be in Terminator 6. Create new interesting characters.

Having said that, LINDA HAMILTON BACK.

If this article never comes out it’s because I dropped everything and went to go watch Terminator 2. Outside of John McClain and Mad Max, you can’t name a better protagonist in an action movie than Sarah Conner.

Linda Hamilton is the GOAT.

Unfortunately for her and her career, she was a woman in Hollywood who was labeled as ‘difficult to work with’ so she never really had any big opportunities after Terminator even though men are assholes on set every single day and it doesn’t affect their reputations at all. As I write this, Christian Bale is STILL yelling at that random crew member which ironically happened on the set of a Terminator movie.

Life has come full circle.

Does bringing Linda Hamilton back make you care about this Terminator franchise?

Yea, sure.

Emilia Clarke played Sarah Conner in the last Terminator movie and it was garbage. She’s great at angry stares when she’s standing next to dragons but no woman can bring that physically threatening stature like Linda Hamilton whose biceps have biceps.

Terminator 6 will most likely be trash but I’ll be there opening night eating super loud popcorn during all of the quiet moments and texting with the brightness on my phone turned all the way up. See you all there.




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