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Does Kevin Knox Suck?

On Friday night, Kevin Knox received his first career DNP-Coach’s Decision as he sat and watched the Knicks lose 101-95 to the Philadelphia 76ers while Coach Dave Fizdale kept him on the sidelines for no reason.

The New York Knicks are the worst team in the NBA, The Golden State Warriors are trash but at least they still have Steph Curry and Klay Thompson on their roster. The Knicks have *checks notes* Reggie Bullock. So.

But this isn’t an article about the Knicks being bad. We all should’ve not only expected this outcome but rooted for it. The only way to fix a franchise that cannot draw top free agents is to acquire blue chip draft assets to either develop in house or flip for stars.

This is an article but that ‘development’ or lack thereof happening with the Knicks and Kevin Knox specifically.

Here’s what Fizdale said about benching Knox on Friday:

“Sometimes they’ve got to go through some tough love to find themselves and watch the game from 25,000 feet, see it, and see the things that I’m emphasizing”

There are a few problems with this statement starting with me not totally being certain what exactly it is that Fizdale is emphasizing or installing as a whole.

The Knicks are in the Top 10 of isolation play frequency which is odd considering they have zero good isolation players on the roster. Not a one. It’s almost as if they don’t have an offense and guys are just doing whatever the hell they want out there which is a problem because Kevin Knox seems like the type of guy who needs to be told specifically where to stand in order to succeed.

They’re ranked 22nd in defensive rating. Now, I know that Knox is trash defensively but how does watching Julius Randle get crossed up help Knox in any way?

You know how you get better at basketball? From playing basketball. And there is absolutely no value in watching bad basketball. If anything, he’ll learn even worse tendencies if he continues to watch this team from the bench.

Knox played 28.8 minutes per game in his rookie campaign thus far this season, his MPG has dropped to just 19.8.

Kevin Knox was a lottery pick. You don’t waste those top picks by immediately signing Marcus Morris and Bobby Portis to take all of his minutes away in a LOSING season.

None of this makes sense.

If you plan on being in the lottery again next summer, why are you dedicating so much time to playing veterans who are not impacting wins and losses instead of running out your young pieces to evaluate whether or not they should be apart of your future plans?

Unless of course….Kevin Knox just sucks.

Knox is shooting 38% from the field and 64% from the free throw line. He’s currently averaging more turnovers per game than assists and he often just goes missing during games. It’s so easy to forget that Knox is even on the court most of the time.

He’s too passive and when he attempts to be aggressive, he has no control over his body and takes off from the wrong foot. He’s clumsy and doesn’t understand how his body works yet.

That being said, he’s only 20 years old and it would be foolish for the Knicks to give up on him after only one and a quarter seasons. Especially considering that this team is nowhere near the playoffs and needs to stop running out these win-now rotations.

Get Wayne Ellington the fuck off the floor.

I have no idea if Kevin Knox sucks or not and that’s my point. They’ve punted on a lottery pick for absolutely no reason. They are claiming it’s ‘tough love’ but in actuality, it’s a complete misunderstanding of their place in the NBA hierarchy.

They are a shit organization that refuses to acknowledge that they’re a shit organization. They’d rather fight with Richard Jefferson on Twitter than build a championship team from the ground up.

Also, Kevin Knox probably sucks. So that’s a problem.

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