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Does Clayton Kershaw Deserve To Start On Opening Day?

The Los Angeles Dodgers have announced that future Hall of Famer, Clayton Kershaw, will start on opening day which would be a no-brainer in 2014 but the veteran pitcher miiiiight not be the best pitcher on his team anymore.

First, it’s never a bad thing to have two pitchers to be considered for an opening day start. Most teams are struggling to find one Ace to lead their rotation and the Dodgers have two All-Stars—one of whom may be the greatest pitcher of his generation.

Kershaw is historically great on opening day with a 5-1 record 1.05 ERA, 59 strikeouts in 51.2 innings pitched. He’s the Dodgers all-time leader in wins by a lefty pitcher. Although his stats declined last season, he’s still only 31-years old and could still dominate for the next 5-7 years.

Enter Walker Buehler.

In 2019, Buehler went 14-4 with 10.6 K/9, 1.042 WHIP and a 3.01 FIP. He made his first All-Star team and finished 9th in Cy Young votes. Also worth noting he pitched two complete games which seems illegal in modern baseball.

Buehler is quickly becoming one of the best pitchers in baseball.

So who should start opening day?

Clayton. Fucking. Kershaw. Duh.

Walker Buehler had a cute little season and is without a doubt on pace to have a Top 3 finish in the Cy Young voting this season and maybe we can have this discussion next season but nah.

Last season, Kershaw went 16-5 with 9.5 K/9, 1.043 WHIP and a 3.86 WHIP. He was also an All-Star oh, and you remember how Buehler finished 9th in Cy Young voting? Clayton Kershaw finished 8th. Eat shit, Walker.

What in the world was that ‘3-way discussion’ about between Clayton, Dave Roberts and Walker Buehler? Were those two just praising Kershaw’s greatness and the fact that his 59 opening day strikeouts are tied for most all time with Nolan Ryan?

This stuff doesn’t need to be this hard, guys. I bet David Price will be leaking to the media shortly that ‘players on the team’ believe Price should be the opening day starter.






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