There is a Documentary About Anthony Weiner’s Sext Scandal Coming Out Right After His Newest Sext Scandal

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When Steve Jobs gives you a front facing iPhone camera, you send photos of your dick to anyone with LTE service. Can’t even get mad at Anthony Weiner here. I mean, what is he supposed to do? Not send dick pics out to random sloots¬†because he’s married? Lemons.

As far as this documentary goes, it doesn’t even seem real. Part of me thinks this is an ironic mockumentary and there’s no way he let a film crew follow him around and record him cursing out reporters and having awkward conversations with his now ex-wife.

I’m not saying politicians are attention hungry narcists but like, maybe chill for a few years, Tony Weinz. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he purposely sent the newest dick pic straight to the New York Post in order to promote this documentary. Stole a page right out of the Kim Kardashian “show your genitals” book of marketing. Can’t knock the hustle.

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