Do We Actually Care What Happened To Jesse Pinkman After Breaking Bad?

Netflix is releasing the story of Jesse Pinkman, you know, that story that literally zero people asked for or was even a little bit curious about.

Before I inevitably shit on this El Camino trailer, I should make it exceptionally clear that Breaking Bad is the standard for modern prestige television and is one of the greatest shows ever created.

Breaking Bad was a massive part of my life and regardless of quality, I will 1000% be watching El Camino the second it drops on Netflix.

Can I be a dick now?

This movie doesn’t need to be made. It even says so in the trailer itself. We’ve seen Jesse get abused, caged and completely dehumanized and when we finally get that triumphant moment of his freedom and escape from imprisonment, we now get a movie centered around hunting him down again.

We’ve already been duped into watching Better Call Saul, a show in which absolutely nothing happens for hours and the biggest moments are just Gus Fring showing up and looking menacing in between scenes of Slippin’ Jimmy filing paperwork to have his own firm and like, eating Ramen for dinner. What a fantastic and super important television show.

Plus, this is debuting on Netflix. Real quick: list all of the great Netflix movies. What’s that? There are zero (0) great Netflix movies? I know. Not sure how El Camino will suddenly be their first.

ALL THAT BEING SAID…you uh…you see that little trailer? Vince Gilligan is so good at making us care about two people sitting in a room angrily whispering to each other about crystal meth.

If this movie is two hours of Skinny Pete being interrogated then it’ll be the best two hours of content you watch that week. Just sprinkle in a few random “yo’s” and you have my full attention.

But do we actually care what happened to Jesse Pinkman?

Not really. They are truly attempting to draw blood from stone. Wringing out a content towel that is completely dry. Imagine if Mad Men came back with a follow-up movie about Peggy Olson running her own ad agency that’s like Devil Wears Prada style. It would be the most unnecessary movie ever made just below the story of how the Rebellion got the plans to the Death Star.

El Camino is the Nick Young heat check of sequels. You know it’s going to miss every 3 they attempt but you hope they keep chucking up 3’s. El Camino is Michael Jordan coming back to the Washington Wizards or Karl Malone on the Lakers. WASHED.

Congrats to everyone in Breaking Bad for continuing to secure bags though. Everybody eats. Even Skinny Pete. Especially Skinny Pete.

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