DJ Khalid’s Grateful is The Worst Album With The Best Tracklist Ever

If you were to wake up this morning and design your dream hip hop tracklist, it would look eerily similar to what DJ Khalid managed to stuff together on Grateful. There was album released last week that has Lil Wayne, Migos, Pusha T, Drake, Future and Jay-Z on it. This should’ve been the greatest rap album of all time.

We should be carrying DJ Khalid in the streets as he yells that ‘THEY DON’T WANT ME TO BE SUCCESSFUL’ even though everyone is praising him simultaneously. Nas and Travis Scott are on a track together. This should’ve been the pinnacle of rap.

However, it’s 2017 which means people don’t rap anymore. Everyone thinks they’re a singer now and DJ Khalid’s pop beats don’t help the cause. Give this entire tracklist to let’s say, The Alchemist, and it’s a guarantee that Nicki Minaj is actually rapping and not doing that thing where she thinks she can sing but she’s just sort of talking in a weird voice.

I don’t put too much blame of DJ Khalid though. Wild Thoughts could be the song of the summer. And it’s not like there are zero rap songs. Jadakiss shows up on this album if you can make it all the way to track 15. That’s immediately followed by Kodak Black sing rapping and it’s just impossible to listen to.

Remember when rappers used to just rap?

It’s just a shame that Asahd’s first executive producer credit didn’t go so well. But he’s young. He’ll bounce back.



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