Dissecting The Levels of Privilege in This College Admissions Cheating Scheme

Federal prosecutors said Tuesday the scheme had two major pieces. In the first part, parents allegedly paid a college prep organization to take the test on behalf of students or to correct their answers. Second, the organization allegedly bribed college coaches to help admit the students into college as recruited athletes, regardless of their actual abilities, prosecutors said.

The documents also allege that some defendants created fake athletic profiles for students to make them appear to be successful athletes.

In all, 50 people were charged in the criminal investigation that went by the name “Operation Varsity Blues.” Those arrested include two SAT/ACT administrators, one exam proctor, nine coaches at elite schools, one college administrator and 33 parents, according to Andrew Lelling, the US attorney for Massachusetts.

The parents, Lelling said, were a “catalog of wealth and privilege,” including actors, CEOs, a fashion designer and the co-chairman of a global law firm.(CNN)

I know I literally just wrote an article recapping the last episode of The Bachelor and now I’m about to preach about corruption in the education system but hang in there, we’ll get back to talking about how awful the Washington Redskins are and why everyone should go see Captain Marvel.

To recap this story, some wealthy parents with shitty kids paid for people to take the SAT exams for their dumb children and bribed coaches at these colleges to give their simple-brained idiot offspring athletic scholarships to random sports programs so they can sneak through the back door.

58-year old, William ‘Rick’ Singer, ran the Edge College & Career Network LLC aka ‘The Key’ which is where all these rich people would slide him the check through a fake charity that he would use as bribe money.

I’m not a marketing expert but I feel like you shouldn’t post an incriminating video describing your crimes on Youtube but what do I know?

Then on top of everything, Aunt Becky from Full House and Felicity Huffman from that show I’ve never met anyone in real life that actually watched, are two of the parents involved in this pay-to-play scandal as they too have been arrested by the FBI this week.

If you want to understand the overwhelming sense of privilege these parents feel, look no further than this exchange with Felicity Huffman as she learns that the man fixing her daughter’s grades is having a baby soon and she hits him with an ‘AW’.

The absolute comfort and care-free nature of cheating the college admissions system is a feeling that only truly privledged folks can exibit.

Let’s first talk about the fact that most wealthy people in this situation will donate to the school in which they want their children to attend. My daughter wants to go to USC. Here’s a six-figure donation for a new library. Wink wink.

That’s already a disgusting practice that should in no way be condoned but at least in this situation you can perhaps trick yourself into thinking that at least these donations help all students and not just these rich kids (even though most of the time, these donations are made to schools like Harvard and Yale, two schools that are overflowing with cash and do not in any way need more free donations).

But to be so dillusional to think that your child DESERVES to be at Georgetown regardless of the fact that your child is a dumb person who can’t math, is textbook privilege.

To add a layer of privilege, let’s talk about these shitty kids like Lori Loughlin’s daughter, Olivia Jade, who used her illegal hand out to become a social media influencer.

All of these kids who had 2.0 GPAs and cut school after lunch period who are suddenly accepted into historically great colleges without earning it and behaving as if they worked to obtain what they had when in actuality, Felicity Huffman was paying for imposters to take the SATs for them.

And the final level of privilege is the horde of people who are genuinely shocked that this occurs.

Imagine not understanding that people who use $100 bills as paper towels have a staggering amount of access and you don’t recognize those advantages because it never directly takes away opportunities from you because you too, are also privileged.

Levels, Jerry. LEVELS.




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