Disenchantment is the Least Important TV Show You’ll Watch This Year and That’s Totally Fine

I’ve been reading a lotttt of reviews that show an overall disappointed in the newest animated comedy by the gawd, Matt Groening. But I get it, when you create The Simpsons—the best sitcom ever—and Futurama, expectations are high.

Groening’s third animated installment into the tv lexicon is Disenchantment, a medieval fantasy story about Princess Bean, who just wants to be a normal girl, and her two pals Elfo the elf and Luci the demon, who are quite literally the angel and devil on her shoulder steering her in different directions.

I understand some of the criticisms of this show. For a Netflix series meant to be binged in one sitting, I couldn’t tell you what the ongoing story was in season 1. King Zog is looking for the elixir of life so he can live forever but TWIST, it’s actually to restore his wife who DOUBLE TWIST, is actually evil.

My problem with this show compared to Futurama is that with Futurama taking place in the future[1. that might be the worst sentence I’ve ever written.], there are more creative avenues to randomly invent things to drive the plot of any episode they wanted to write whereas Disenchantment takes place in an era where technology is pretty defined so they have to make up magic all-knowing orbs and shit.

But who cares?

Disenchantment is clever and has some decent jokes throughout. If you were looking for this detailed intricate narrative with unique story structures and innovative comedy then you need to pop open that laptop and create that yourself.

Did you watch the last seasons of Futurama? The show was far from that 90’s The Simpsons run Matt Groening had. Lottttt of skippable episodes. Why were expectations for this so high?

Disenchantment is a fun show that doesn’t matter. It’s the least important show you’ll watch and that’s totally fine. It killed a Saturday afternoon for me and provided a few smiles and I could zone out and scroll through Twitter randomly without really missing anything.

Sometimes, that’s all I need from a show. Not every new series needs to be Breaking Bad. It’s okay to just mindlessly consume something that won’t be winning an Emmy Award. Watch Disenchantment. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. And that’s what makes it so great.








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