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Did The New York Giants Make The Right Decision Not Franchise Tagging Landon Collins?

Welp, the honeymoon is over. Dave Gettleman and the New York Giants have decided to let Landon Collins walk. The 25-year old 3-time Pro Bowler and Former All-Pro safety is officially a free agent now.

Landon Collins might be the best Giants draft pick (outside of Odell and Saquon) that the Giants have made in the last decade, which is actually kind of sad. And now he’s gone with the wind.

But did the New York Giants make the right decision letting him go?

So by all accounts, Landon Collins was for sure never going to sign that franchise tag and he planned to hold out until he received a long term contract.

The Giants didn’t want a Le’Veon Bell situation where the best player on the defense isn’t showing up and every player on the team is standing outside of his window with a boombox over their head begging for him to come back.

The problem is, if they weren’t going to bring him back then they should’ve traded him at the deadline along with Snacks Harrison and Eli Apple.

The team was absolute garbage so I’m not totally sure what the point of keeping him was. I reckon they hoped they could franchise tag without any sort of push back but yea, Landon pushed back.

Having said that, the Giants have about $26 million in cap space. Signing Landon Collins to an $11 million tag would almost cut their avaialable money completely in half and free agency hasn’t even begun yet.

For everyone who wants to bring in another QB to replace Eli, it would be a bit of a problem without the Giants having any actual money to spend.

There are holes at every position so spending money on Landon at this point would be tough. The timing of his free agency unfortunately didn’t align with the salary cap. It happens.

Personally, I think Landon Collins is talented as hell but on a bad team, his talent becomes a detriment.

The last couple of seasons saw Collins doing a lot of freelancing during plays meaning he would leave his own assignments in attempts to make up for the rest of the awful secondary around him and in doing so, he allowed plenty of wide receivers to blow right past him.

If Collins is in a defense surrounded by guys he trusts, he’s a MONSTER. But when he’s surrounded by volunteer firemen and custodians out there, Collins takes far too many risks because he feels he needs to in order to make up for the suckiness around him and I can’t watch Dak Prescott, who never throws the ball further than 4 yards, start launching bombs down the field against the Giants because Collins is out of position.

But here’s the real reason why letting Landon Collins go is a good decision: Tank 4 Tua.

This current draft is so stacked with defensive players at the top that I’m totally okay with the Giants drafting a defensive lineman with their 6th pick, run Eli Manning’s bitch ass back out there, lose every game again this season, and then draft Alabama’s starting QB Tua Tagovailoa where he can start his rookie season with Saquon, Odell and a young defense full of studs.

Tank. For. Tua.




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