Did Ronda Rousey ‘Skip The Line’ To Become WWF Women’s Champion?

At this past, Summerslam, Ronda Rousey won her first ever WWF Women’s Championship after beating Alexa Bliss for the belt. There are a lot of mixed reactions considering that this was only Rousey’s 4th EVER wrestling match.

Some of the WWF purists are a tad perturbed that Rousey failed at one sport, had to settle for professional wrestling, and was given the belt before she actually earned it.

That’s fair.

You can poke a few holes in Rousey’s ascension to the top, like the fact that she’s not particularly great at wrestling. In an era where WWF is promoting women’s wrestling and actually giving these women time to have full exciting wrestling matches, it’s kind of a step back to push all of these women down a spot for Rousey who knows about 3 moves and all of them are stiff and hard to watch.

I’ve written about Asuka in the past because she is my favorite wrestler. She developed a unique moveset over the years competing in Japan and independent circuits prior to coming to the WWF and went undefeated for nearly two years.

Asuka is not the champion. Rousey is. Rousey has wrestled 4 times.

Asuka has her own specific look and vibe in the ring. No one else on the roster does what she does or look the way she looks. Sasha Banks has the biggest fan base out of any of these women. Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch have their own individual personalities and have put the work in for years.

Anddd Ronda Rousey wears Rowdy Roddy Piper’s old gear with a leather jacket and stupid eyeliner. There isn’t anything unique about her in that ring other than the fact that she is a former UFC champion and has been in a Fast and Furious movie.

There’s also a rage that fans have for Rousey’s rise as she is only in the WWF out of necessity. Holly Holm kicked Rousey’s UFC career out of her and now she’s settling on being a wrestler while the other women on the show grew up dreaming of competing on Monday Night Raw.

This is a childhood dream for both the wrestlers and the fans. This has been Ronda’s ‘dream’ ever since Miesha Tate put her to sleep a couple of years ago ending her UFC comeback after again, Holly Holm kicked her face off.

So did Ronda Rousey cut the line?

Nah, b. Is this your first time watching professional wrestling? This is what the WWF does. Popularity stunts. There is no reason why Rousey is the champion other than the fact that she’s one of the greatest female athletes of all time and they’re trying to get WWE Network sales.

We can pretend like the WWF is leaning towards ‘indy’ style wrestling where you just let wrestlers go out there for 10-15 minutes and do their thing as opposed to my day when everyone was hitting each other with tin garbage cans and Mankind choked people out with the sock on his hand.


It’s the WWF. There isn’t a ‘line’. Nia Jax could be champion tomorrow night just because The Rock made a phone call and wanted his cousin to have the belt. They are already promoting Trish Stratus’s return. They could give her the belt just for ol’ time’s sake. I haven’t refreshed Twitter in a couple of hours. Is Lita champion yet?

Ronda Rousey is going to be the Women’s Champion as long as she’s willing to get into that ring and pretend to fight for those fat paychecks that she has not earned. Just as the prophecy foretold.




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