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Did Nick Nurse Give Drake Consent?: An Investigation

Arrest Drake.

Last night, Nick Nurse was minding his own business at work just trying to clock in and clock out when all of a sudden, Drake walked up behind him and gave him a shoulder massage that we’re not totally sure he had permission to give.

The incident:

All Nick Nurse wanted to do was his job and a random man sitting courtside walked behind him and touched him in a way that he didn’t seem super enthused to receive.

Did Nick Nurse give Drake consent?

As you can tell from exhibit A, Coach Nurse wasn’t even looking in Drake’s direction and when Drake sneaks up behind him, you can sort of see Nurse turn away ready to reluctantly accept Drake’s unwanted hands as if he was so worn out by telling Drake to stop in the past, that he just had to take it last night.

At the end of the day, this is a severe HR violation. You can see clearly that there’s a history of harassment between these two and Drake is abusing his power as the self-appointed ‘6 God’ of Toronto.

Drake has a history of weird inappropriate behavior like how he was very recently dating a teenage little baby girl and his creepy friendship with Eleven from Stranger Things, who might literally be eleven years old.

Let Nick Nurse work in peace. Stop texting him. Stop touching him. Stop touching teenage girls. Arrest Drake.

sidenote: how much does Fred Van Vleet look like chubby Dominican barber-Drake?


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