Did Kendrick Lamar Set Up This (Wack Ass) White Girl Saying The N-Word?

Kendrick Lamar invited Delaney from Alabama on stage to sing along to MAAD City, a song that is littered with the n-word and SHOCKINGLY, the girl who looks like the poster child for ‘I say the n-word but I’m not racist’ white girls across the nation, shouted ‘nigga’ like she won the lottery.

She then went into nervous trying-to-be-hip-around-black-people mode by saying ‘am I not cool enough, bro?’ Turns out, nope. You aren’t, Delaney. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago and I see I’m going to be writing about it for the remainder of my hopefully short life, white people cannot say the n-word. That’s it.

So it really makes you question why Kendrick Lamar would even invite this white devil onto the stage to begin with knowing full well that his lyrics say the n-word repeatedly. What did Kendrick think was going to happen when Delaney from Alabama who looks like her most frequently visited website is Blacked, onto the stage?

Well for anyone wondering why he didn’t bring a black fan on stage, have you been to a Kendrick Lamar concert? I have. There were three black people there. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and myself. Two out of the three people I just mentioned were already on stage. Kendrick was looking out into a sea of white faces and picked on. Let’s not pretend like he had a bunch of options.

From Kendrick’s perspective, it seemed like he was trying to have a really cool potentially viral moment with a ‘woke’ white fan. Kendrick was trying to give this girl the automatic hood pass by rapping along to his song AND skipping all of the n-word’s thus showing to every white fan out there that they can listen to rap music without feeling obligated to say ‘nigga’.

The problem is, that is reaaaal high risk, high reward behavior. The chances of picking the right white person in a sea of white people in Alabama of all places were incredibly low. I suspect most people in that crowd was chomping at the bit to get the green light from Kendrick to yell the n-word.

But that’s the problem. Kendrick is in no way at fault here. It’s 2018. You can’t call gay people the f-word. You can’t call mentally challenged people retarded. You can’t call a woman a cunt, unless of course, you’re talking about Hope Solo. And you if your skin is white, you cannot say nigga.

Those are the rules. Kendrick didn’t make them but he’s certainly allowed to enforce them. And by the way, why did this girl and soooo many other white people want so desperately to be able to say nigga? I can’t say the f-word and after seeing how much it negatively affects gay people, I don’t WANT to say it. You know damn well what hearing that word feels for black people when it’s coming out of a white person’s mouth. Why the fuck are you in such a hurry to say it?

Get all Delaney’s OUT of here. This was a chance for racial peace. All she had to do was skip that word for 0.5 seconds and rap the rest of the words and we’d all be talking about how ‘cool’ she was but nope, she is now the face of everything wrong with white rap fans.

BOOOOOO Delaney.





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