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Did Gregg Williams Intentionally Get Himself Fired?

The New York Jets were set to win their first game of the 2020 NFL season this past Sunday with a massive upset over the Oakland Raiders. They ended up losing 31-28 after one of the weirdest defensive play calls in NFL history that gave up a game-winning touchdown pass to lose because lol go Jets.

With 0.13 left in the game and the Raiders at midfield on 3rd and 10, New York Jets defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, dialed up an all-out blitz for absolutely no reason and naturally, Derek Carr just stepped up and launched it to the wide open receiver down the field because lol go Jets.

This happened:

And then less than 24 hours later, this happened:

lol go Jets.

So did Gregg Williams intentionally get himself fired?

The Jets are a fucking disaster. Head coach, Adam Gase, seems like he has no idea how to run a football team and I imagine this year has been brutal for Gregg Williams having to take orders from someone who has done absolutely nothing to acquire anyone’s respect.

Williams doesn’t have a spectacular head coaching record as he’s only won 22 games and lost 34 including a 3-13 season with the Buffalo Bills but he’s coming off an interim head coaching job with the Browns in which he went 5-3 with Baker Mayfield’s bitch ass.

Obviously, Williams is more notorious for paying Saints players to go out there and murder opposing players which is frowned upon. The man is a psychopath. So did he call an all out blitz instead of a prevent defense in order to remove himself from the turmoil within the Jets organization and prepare for him next coaching opportunity?

Of course not.

If Gregg Williams truly hated Adam Gase then he would simply do what he did in Cleveland where he waited for management to finally sour on Hue Jackson and when Gase gets fired, Williams would be guaranteed to be the interim coach.

Again, Williams is a psycho. That maniac doesn’t give a shit about his next job. He’s probably confused as to why he even still had this job. No, Gregg Williams is a bloodthirsty weirdo who 1000% just wanted to hurt Derek Carr.

That all out blitz was called to break that guy’s bones. If they scored a touchdown then sure congrats. You beat the worst team in the NFL and your QB’s head got knocked into the concession stands.

Maybe we should all stop hiring Gregg Williams? Maybe?




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