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Did Doc Rivers Send His Son Out There To Intentionally Injure Blake Griffin?

Griffin checked out immediately afterward and went to the Clippers’ locker room.

As for the extent of the injury, the team considers it “too early to tell,” according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

“It didn’t look good obviously … what can you do,” head coach Doc Rivers said, while adding that Griffin was “down” afterward, according to Sports Illustrated’s Ben Golliver.


“What can you do”. Hm. Sounds like the quote from a guilty man. Doc Rivers’ star player went out with a gruesome knee injury and his instant reaction is ‘what can you do’. Uh yea, Doc 1000% sent out his son, Austin, to dive for those knees.

When Chris Paul left the Clippers, he made it very clear that he did not fuck with Doc Rivers and his lame ass son. There is no doubt in my mind that Blake Griffin feels a similar way about Doc especially after losing 8 straight games and falling to the bottom of the Western Conference.

People are calling for Doc to get fired but how can you fire him now with his star player injured? Losing is no longer his fault because he simply does not have the personal and don’t forget, the Clippers took GM responsibilities from him so he can’t even improve the roster.

So yea, Doc without a doubt sent Austin Rivers out there to hunt out that knee. Can’t knock the hustle. You have to do whatever it takes to save your job out here.


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