Detroit Lions Sign Matthew Stafford To Most Lucrative Contract in NFL History

Dang. The Detroit Lions threw the bag at Matthew Stafford, a quarterback who has that same amount of playoff victories as I do. What a time to be alive. The NFL is handing out all of this free money they’ve been printing and Matt Stafford just happened to cash in and the exact right time.

The Lions have no choice but to pay him this much money. What’s the alternative? Let him walk and draft a new quarterback? The team will have to rebuild and the ceiling for their next quarterback is honestly another and probably less version than the quarterback they already have. Pay the man.

Stafford has more than 4,200 passing yards and over 20 touchdowns every year for the past six seasons. He’s an absolute stat machine and once this older generation of QBs like Brady, Rivers and Roethlisberger retire, you can expect Stafford to step into the role as the new Drew Brees as a guy who is going to break every passing record.

What’s nuts about the Stafford becoming the highest paid player in the NFL is that Matt Ryan is about 3 months away from blowing that number out of the water when he inevitably renegotiates with the Atlanta Falcons. Free money for everyone.



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