Desus and Mero Are Going To Save Late Night Talk Shows

The brand is on steroids

On Thursday night, Desus and Mero made their Showtime debut and knocked that shit out of the park like Alex Rodriguez after snacking on some HGH gummy bears before an at-bat.

Desus and Mero went from Twitter to Complex to MTV2 to Viceland and now they’re on a network that you need to pay in order to watch. They went from a network that exclusively consisted of Action Bronson smoking and eating in Dubai to the same network that created Homeland and Dexter. The brand truly is brolic.

Whether you’re listening to their podcast, Bodega Boys, or you’re watching their show, Desus and Mero have the uncanny ability to make you believe that they are the funniest humans on Earth.

And that’s exactly why they are going to save light night talk shows.

It’s safe to say that the institutions of The Tonight Show and the Late Show are broken. Growing up, it felt like David Letterman and Conan invented comedy and in a way, they did. 90’s sarcastic humor was birthed from those men. Conan wrote some of the most popular episodes of The Simpsons during that era. They molded what comedy was for a generation.

That is very much gone in 2019.

Jimmy Fallon’s entire career has exclsuively consisted of him laughing at OTHER people being funny. All of the famous SNL sketches he was in just had him in the background snickering like Muttley from Wacky Races.

Stephen Colbert is less about making people laugh and more about shaking a finger at Donald Trump. That’s fine, I reckon. It’s his show and if he thinks he’s serving his audience best by striping the jokes and just talking at us about how dangerous the current administration is (while simultaneously joking it up with Sean Spicer) then do you, my guy.

Jimmy Kimmel probably comes the closest to the old school late night talk shows as Jimmy drunkenly teases celebrities just like the good ol days but he’s not adding anything new to the medium. He’s a middle aged white person talking to middle aged white people.

Enter Desus and Mero.

Wow, look at that. Two men of color mocking white people’s favorite genre of movie, the white savior Oscar film. I obviously don’t know Seth Meyers but I get the feeling he fucking LOVES the Green Book. Just get that vibe.

It’s two men of color who are overwhelming the product of growing up in New York, who are authentically themselves that solely want to make us laugh. What a concept.

Can’t wait til they sell out though and start doing carpool karoake with Ariana Grande.



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