You Gain Absolutely Nothing From Defending Deshaun Watson Against His 22 Sexual Assault Accusers

Deshaun Watson is at war with the Houston Texans. After another failed season of wasting his prime for an organization that seems dedicated to losing football games, Watson began to fully express his frustration to the point where he straight up demanded a trade.

After a 2019 season where Watson led the Texans to a playoff win against the Buffalo Bills and went up 24 points on the Kansas City Chiefs before his defense blew the lead in the second half. He then was awarded with a $156 million contract extension making him the second highest paid player in the sport.

Oh, and then in 2020 the Texans went 4-12 and Deshaun Watson completely lost faith in the organization so he demanded a trade.

His then head coach/general manager, Bill O’Brien, traded away the Texans star wide receiver simply because the two didn’t get along. Why would Watson keep any loyalty to a team that traded away the most talented player because sometimes he argued with the coach?

Bill O’Brien and vice president of football operations, Jack Easterby, claimed to trade Hopkins because they couldn’t afford him even though it was their previous decisions that make it difficult to pay Hopkins. They gave away multiple first round draft picks for Laremy Tunsil and immediately had to give him a huge contract.

By the way, never great when you give away first round draft picks for an offensive lineman that you then give a massive contract to and your quarterback still finishes the 2020 season ranked second in the number of times sacked.

But you get it. Deshaun Watson has been set up to fail in Houston.

He demanded a trade and was turned into a villain and crybaby. Brett Favre came out and said that he gets paid too much and should just shut up and dribble. Funny that Brett Favre would weigh in considering he and Deshaun both seem to be creepy sex pests.

It’s impossible to not bring up race here. Former Texans owner, Bob McNair, was caught saying that the owners cant ‘have the inmates running the prison’ in regards to allowing players to kneel during the National Anthem in order to protest police brutality.

He’s dead as fuck now, thank god, but it’s safe to say that his son Cal who now runs the team would probably have the same beliefs as his incredibly dead not alive father.

So when Watson becomes a villain for demanding a trade while his teammate, JJ Watt, is celebrated for finally being cut by the Texans and awarded the opportunity to sign with whatever team he wants, it feeeeeels as though people collectively root for the white player and hate the rich black player even though they both want to escape the same abysmal franchise.

Allllll of this context is crucial before we get into these sexual assault allegations. An ‘ungrateful‘ black man is going to war with a rich family that believes he owes them for his success/bank account. That’s key to all of this.

Enter Tony Buzbee, an attorney who announced last week that he would be defending a masseuse who alleged that Watson DMed her and asked for a private massage and made it clear that he wanted to be completely alone with her. When she arrived he continually attempted to sleep with her before she left in tears.

Buzbee has since announced that there are now 22 women ready to say that they had similar interactions with the Texans QB.

Not good.

But things aren’t so black and white with these allegations.

For starters, they are all civil suits demanding $500. They are not attempting to put Watson behind bars nor are they attempting a pay day. It’s almost as if they simply want his name attached to these sex crimes.

It’s not impossible to fathom these women were sexually assaulted by Watson and could just want his name attached to sex crimes because, ya know, he’s a fucking sex criminal. It’s not like getting a million dollar pay day would make his actions more acceptable to them.

Also, Watson’s defense is that he DMed all these women because Coronavirus prevented his personal masseuse from traveling. Lie better. You’re the biggest sports star in Houston. Get out of these girls’ IG DMs, you dummy.

Oh, but then you learn more about the lawyer defending these women and the pendulum swings right back to questioning the legitimacy of this whole operation.

Tony Buzbee is a neighbor of the McNair family. He claims to have no idea who Cal McNair is and wouldn’t recognize him on the street even though he once posted on Instagram and specifically mentioned he was their neighbor.. Again, lie better. He also one time got into trouble for parking a fucking WAR TANK on his street.

That doesn’t have much to do with these allegations but we know what Bob McNair thought about the NFL players protest and if Buzbee is obsessed with the military then you can assume he also feels a type of way about these ungrateful black athletes and would jump at the opportunity to take down Deshaun Watson.

And then there’s this insane Instagram post:

deshaun watson

If I know guys like Tony Buzbee the way I think I know guys like Tony Buzbee, I can ASSURE you that he doesn’t care about women being pressured by men in power. He is saying all of the politically correct things and then immediately makes the case about himself.

In 2019, Buzbee ran for mayor and used the Donald Trump ‘im not accepting any campaign donations because I’m already rich and I don’t want to owe favors to donors like all of the other bad politicians’. He spent the entire campaign accusing his appointment of campaign fraud because he did not want you to forget that he wasn’t accepting donations.

Let’s take an important step back. If 22 women came out and one-by-one said that Deshaun Watson took advantage of them then I would 1000% be calling him a rapist and I’d have zero second thoughts about it.

But the fact that their lawyer turned himself into the main character and he has personal reasons to hate Watson and work with his neighbors, the McNairs, it makes this whole situation stink.

That being said, you gain nothing from logging on and calling these women liars. Whether you’re weary of the powers that be going after a black man that is rocking the boat or you are simply a fan of the way Watson throws a football, there is no point in publicly shitting on potentially real victims here.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman that doesn’t have at least one story about a man trying to get her to touch his gross little dick without her consent. Not one woman. So let’s not act as if Deshaun is such a great guy and everyone loves him therefore he can’t also be a horny loser that behaves as though he is owed sex.

So instead of jumping out of the window with your defense of his actions, despite how fishy and peculiar the lawyer and this whole situation is, just shut the fuck up and wait. It’s okay to not have a public take on every single thing that occurs. You’re allowed to just keep scrolling without adding your two cents.


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