Just a Reminder, Derrick Rose Raped a Woman (Allegedly)

Sooo, I was getting ready to write an article about the New York Knicks being a super team but then I typed in Derrick Rose’s name and was quickly hit in the face with the huge reminder that he and his boys gang raped his ex girlfriend. Remember that? Let me refresh your memory.

Jane Doe is suing Rose, Campbell and Ryan Allen for $21 million in California Federal Court, charging that Rose and his two pals drugged her, entered her Southern California apartment and raped her in August 2013.

The woman, identified in court papers as Jane Doe, had a longstanding romantic relationship with Rose that included raunchy text messaging — but she always shot down his requests for multiple partners, court filings show. “Defendant Rose has chosen to unnecessarily attack Plaintiff’s femininity, morals and character in order to perpetuate incorrect myths about sexual assault, labeling her as the ‘sexual aggressor.’ All the evidence, however, including Defendant Rose’s own testimony, shows that he made great efforts to get the Plaintiff to engage in sexual activity that she was not comfortable with-starting with requests for her to masturbate on video, which she refused, and, after a year-and-a-half of dating, moving to requests to have group sex, which she always refused,” her court papers say.

The filing says the former Bulls’ star’s “text messages show that he asked Plaintiff to have a foursome with him, Defendant (Randall) Hampton and Defendant Hampton’s girlfriend, but that Plaintiff refused; Defendant Rose admitted under oath that he was hoping that Plaintiff would have a foursome with him and Defendant Hampton, but that it never occurred.”

“If it would have turned into (a foursome), yes, (it) would have been cool,” Rose said at deposition.

(NY Daily News)

Is everyone caught up? Quick recap: D-Rose has some weird fetish where he can’t bang a girl unless his boys are banging with him. #SquadGoals. So naturally after this poor confused girl said no too many times, Rose decided that he’d just kick down her door and do it anyway.

Imagine how weird it was for this woman who was hooking with NBA Superstar, Derrick Rose, and then all of sudden he starts pressuring her to get DPed by his crew. Is this what it’s like when I tell a girl that I want handjobs instead of sex? I am so sorry to any girl I’ve ever made uncomfortable with a weird request. At least I didn’t pull a D-Rose and just show up at your house anyway and force you to do it.

“If it would have turned into (a foursome), yes, (it) would have been cool,”…Derrick Rose, fucking weird man.


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