Derrick Rose Needs to Be Off of the New York Knicks Roster By the End of the Week

Derrick Rose missed the Knicks game Monday night against the New Orleans Pelicans and didn’t notify anyone in the organization that he wasn’t going to be there. Rose pulled a no-call no-show from work. Motherfuckers at Kohls get fired for that nonsense.

Rose claimed he had to run to Chicago for a ‘family emergency’. No one in his family is dead sooo to not let anyone know you’re going to miss a game is outrageous. That’s an excuse I use when I’m hungover and don’t want to go to work in the AM. “Uh, I have family stuff so yea, my bad”.

I want/need Derrick Rose off of the New York Knicks asagdfp. I cannot watch Rose run full speed into three guys standing under the basket while every shooter is open around the perimeter but instead of kicking the ball out, he slams it off the backboard with no finesse or skill whatsoever.

Rose has 4 assists per game and his shot selection in the 4th quarter is disgusting. For whatever reason, Rose think he’s still the NBA MVP from 2011. He is not. If the Knicks resign this garbage bag then I quit.





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Written by TheLesterLee

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