Derrick Rose Might Quit Basketball Because His Knees Hurt and He Sucks At Basketball

The upbeat mental state Rose appeared to be in Oct. 24 — detailed further as he excitedly talked about competing for a championship with the Cavaliers — apparently has faded.

Out indefinitely with a sprained left ankle he suffered four days before the Cavaliers faced the Bulls — Rose’s hometown team with which he became the youngest most valuable player in NBA history — Rose has taken an excused absence from the Cavaliers. Citing league sources, reported Rose, 29, is questioning his desire to continue playing.

One source close to Rose confirmed that the myriad injuries, beginning with a torn left ACL during an April 2012 Bulls-76ers playoff game, have taken a mental toll. Several people close to Rose, some of whom he has had little to no contact with of late, said they’re unsure what comes next, refusing to speculate if he would retire.



Last season, Derrick Rose didn’t show up to a game for the Knicks and didn’t tell anyone where he was or what was going on. I can’t begin to explain how happy I am to know that he’s also no-showing in Cleveland.

Awww booohoooo, little Derrick’s knees hurt. Awwww. Here’s the thing, EVERYONE’S KNEES HURT. LeBron James has played no less than a bajillion minutes in the NBA. You don’t think his knees are constantly swollen? Bill Russell straight up can’t walk anymore. Yea Derrick, you’re going to be in a pain. You’re a professional basketball player, you bitch.

That sounded harsh but that’s only because D-Rose might have the incorrect amount of chromosomes. He’s the type of cat that would spend an entire afternoon pushing on a door that says ‘pull’. Derrick Rose does one thing well and only one thing and that’s dribbling a basketball but if you’ve watched him play this season, he has lost that one ability.

Get Rose OUTTTT of here forever. (I hope he can maintain a normal life in his post-playing career with all of the lower body injuries. I also hope he opens up a book.)



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