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Derek Carr Legitimately Cried After Getting Sacked…Tears…He Cried Tears

On Sunday afternoon, the Oakland Raiders lost 3-27 to the Seattle Seahawks and fell to 1-5 on the season which is not great considering they gave their new head coach, Jon Gruden, a $100 million deal and then traded away their best player, Khalil Mack because they couldn’t afford him.

Not all of the Raiders money is tied up in their head coach. They also have their ‘star’ QB, Derek Carr, making $25 million which is interesting considering that Derek Carr is bad at playing quarterback.

Derek Carr left Sunday’s game early after getting sacked, losing a fumble, landing on his shoulder and then crying about it. Now look, I write all day long. I am not about to sit here and call this man a pussy for crying. Being tackled hurts. I have a bad shoulder and I want to cry about it right now.

But let’s go back to how much he stinks like how he had only 142 yards passing on 31 attempts. Derek Carr only completed two passes over 5 yards and the furthest of those two passes was 7 yards. He only attempted one pass over 7 yards and it was just him chucking it out of bounds to avoid a sack.

Every pass he throws is a cute little screen pass. Guys like Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff are putting up historic numbers. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick went out there are went off for a few games. The NFL is changing and rewarding quarterbacks that take chances and throw it down the field.

Derek Carr is watching all of those fireworks and is like ‘nope, real men checkdown then checkdown then checkdown again. Also real men cry when their stummy hurts’.




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