Denver Broncos Fans Have Started a GoFundMe To Buyout Paxton Lynch’s Contract

After preseason week 1, Paxton Lynch looks like he’s never even heard of the game of football and he got thrown out there on the field against his will. The 2016 1st round draft pick has started 4 career games and walked away with a great 1-3 win-loss record and a 76.7 quarterback rating.

In a preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, Paxton Lynch went 6-for-11 for 24 yards and an interception against third-string defenders. Shout out to GM John Elway for wasting a first-round draft pick on a guy that will be working for Deadseriousness by the end of the winter.

Paxton Lynch being a garbage can is actually a huge problem for the Broncos considering that Case Keenum didn’t light the world on fire in his first preseason start either. Keenum was in the perfect situation when he was in Minnesota last year surrounded by Pro Bowl talent and Pat Shurmur whispering sweet nothings in his ear.

Now he’s in Denver with Vance Joseph who doesn’t seem to like, you know, win football games with offensive weapons that are average at best. Lynch should be taking the reins and instead, he can’t figure out which players are on his team and which players are on defense.

But this story is actually encouraging for me. I’m feeling motivated suddenly to be sooo bad at my job that the town collectively crowdsources enough money to force me to quit. That’s the American dream. Please set up a gofundme for about $10K and I’ll delete Deadseriousness from the internet immediately and ride off into the sunset with my boy Paxton Lynch.





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