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Dennis Smith Jr is Competing in the 2019 Dunk Contest So…Go Knicks or Whatever


Dennis Smith Jr will be participating in the 2019 NBA Slam Dunk Contest which is exciting for casual NBA fans because DSJ can jump in the air and hit his head on arena ceilings. His legs are trampolines.

But from a Knicks fans perspective, yawn.gif. New York hasn’t had a player participate in the All-Star game since Carmelo Anthony in 2017 and he only got that selection because Kevin Love was hurt and he was an injury replacement.

Last year, Kristaps Porzingis was voted into the All-Star but two things happened: 1. he tore his ACL into a bajillion pieces and wasn’t able to play and 2. he requested a trade last week and now he’s dead to me so let’s never mention his name again, okay cool.

Now this year, Dennis Smith Jr is entering the Dunk Contest with a Knicks jersey on after being in the city for a grand total of an eye blink and I reckon I’m expected to be rooting for him? Is that how this works?

I mean, he scored 25 points with 5 rebounds and 6 assists on Tuesday night against the Detroit Pistons (the Knicks lost of course) which is a stat line that Frank Ntilikina will never come close to so that’s something or whatever.

So um, go Dennis! A player who will 1000% be a backup in a couple of weeks when Emmanuel Mudiay returns from injury because Mudiay and coach Fizdale are besties who text each other memes and shit.

I hate you, Kristaps.



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