Dear Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, You Guys Hump, We Gettttt It

We get it, we get it. You guys are humping each other. Stop rubbing our faces in your sex-stained sheets. Alex Rodriguez appearing in Vanity Fair showing off his girlfriend’s ass is the type of power move to make sure the world knows that you are a power couple.

Shout out to these old retired washed people finding love. When was the last time Jennifer Lopez did something interesting? A-Rod is done smashing baseballs and once the World Series is over, he too, will fall into obscurity. But they have each other. That’s beautiful.

Personally, I’m pretty sure Alex still loves transexuals and female bodybuilders. He is literally following the same exact trajectory as Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Can’t wait until A-Rod comes out of the closet to claim ownership of a lotto ticket.

We are about two months away from an Alex Rodriguez Jennifer Lopez ‘leaked’ sex tape and I will be first in line to watch J-Lo in what will inevitably be her best acting performance all time.




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