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DeAndre Baker is Remarkably Dumb

Last season, the New York Giants traded up at the end of the first round to draft cornerback, DeAndre Baker, who had mysteriously dropped to the 30th pick after having a great season at Georgia.

He then proceeded to immediately show why he fell in the draft as he was not only beat in coverage every single game but he appeared to stop trying. He didn’t even put any effort into chasing downs tackles and allowed receivers to just blow past him regularly.

Oh, and now he’s arrested for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Earlier this week DeAndre Baker and Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Quinton Dunbar, had the genius idea or robbing people at a house party in Florida. The police report also states that the future Hall of Fame corners had a third friend with them that Baker at one point directed to shoot someone who entered the party mid-heist.

So not only did Baker commit an armed robbery but he was the crazy asshole from the heist movies that will find any excuse to kill someone.

The three little sociopaths made off with $12,400 in cash and $61,100 in watches. Wow, they’re rich!!!

DeAndre Baker signed a 4-year $10 million contract last season. He’s a millionaire. And apparently he robbed this house party because earlier in the week he attended a different party with the same crew and lost $70,000 gambling.

I wish he took losing football games at badly as he took to losing $70,000 gambling. The Giants lost 12 games after Baker got his ass beat by every receiver that came to town and he just shrugged it off. He lost some ashtray money and brought out the burner.

At one point last season Baker openly admitted he didn’t understand the playbook. Watching this team play defense, it didn’t seem like the playbook had that many fucking plays in it but Baker was still overwhelmed by it, ya know, because he’s remarkably dumb.

I know a lot of people are pointing the finger at Giants GM, Dave Gettleman, for stressing that he wants high character guys while seemingly also having distractions on the team. He chose to trade up back into the first round for a cornerback that his Georgia coaches were frustrated with. No risk no reward or whatever but there was zero reward here.

DeAndre Baker sucks, he’s unmotivated and he will put a gun in your mouth if you beat him in a hand of poker. And now he’s gone along with cornerback, Janoris Jenkins, who called a random guy on Twitter a ‘retard’ and then gave a non-apology blaming the way he was raised and we wouldn’t understand because we’re not from that neighborhood.

DeAndre Baker is dumb as hell and the Giants will be better without him letting CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper eat him alive.

Also, fire Dave Gettleman.







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