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The Top 50 Songs of 2018

40. Jean Grae & Quelle Chris – My Contribution To This Scam

Whenever I hear someone complain about the state or rap music today or how everything sounds the same, I want to scream at them and force them to listen to Jean Grae and Quelle Chris. Instead of enabling Eminem’s empty warehouse a capella antics, find new artists.

39. Drake – God’s Plan

This song is on here exclusively for the memes. *God’s Plan plays*

38. Future – Hate The Real Me

This is my personal theme song for 2018.

37. Young Thug – Audemar

Young Thug is the best rapper in the game right now and Audemar is the perfect example of his skills as his manipulates his voice and uses it as a weapon.

Pussy just fall in my lap, money just chasin’ my back (just chasin’ my back)
The gang came back with racks, I’m ridin’ ’round town with a Gat (Gat)
I’ll beat a nigga face with a bat, pink slip, paper tag (ayy)

Fucking art.

36. Homeboy Sandman & Edan – The Gut

“Fuck, I should’ve listened to my gut” is going to be the name of my first born son.

35. Roc Marciano – Tent City

Just listening to Roc Marciano’s voice makes me feel like an exponentially cooler human being. But I’m sure it translates more to that scene in Spider-Man 3 where Peter Parker does the Hustle in the middle of a crowded New York street and he thinks every girl wants to sit on his face.


34. SahBabii – Tonight

At what point am I too old to listen to rappers named ‘SahBabii’? Never? Cool.


33. Matty – Clear

Remember indie music? Thank you, Matty for reminding what that sounded like. 


32. Playboi Carti ft. Gunna РNo Time

This song feels like it should be playing in the background of one of those video game bonus levels where you have 60 seconds to collect as many coins as you can.


31. J Cole – 1985

2018 was the year of sending out subliminal shots of your own solo album. J Cole calls out the entire rap game, I’m told. I just think it’s a good song. Leave Lil Pump out of this.


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