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Deadseriousness Hip Hop Power Rankings Week 2

The official Deadseriousness Hip Hop Power Rankings are BACK for week 2. Who saw this coming? I for sure did not. There is nothing I love more than quitting immediately before things get hard yet here we are.



Dropped out of the rankings from last week:


MF Doom (Last Week: 5): As much as I love DOOM, I can’t pretend like he’s relevant in rap in 2017 but trust me, I will find ways to sneak him onto these power rankings sooner than later.

Meek Mill (Last Week: 4): Meek Mill Update: He’s still a loser.



But without any further delay, here is WEEK TWO of the Deadseriousness Hip Hop Power Rankings:


7. Jay Electronica (Last Week: unranked)

Jay Electronica releases about two verses a year so I can’t not acknowledge this new track with MF DOOM. This is an underground rap dream collaboration. Did I dream of it including a flute sample that just won’t quit? Not necessarily but I could be swayed.

“Woke the game up into a fervor, then disappeared like the burglar” This Jay Electronica line perfectly sums up his career. No idea why he refuses to steadily release music. How does he pay rent? Is he like, a barista or some shit? Anyway, good to see Electronica and DOOM combining forces here.


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