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Deadseriousness Best 50 Albums of 2018

40. Future – Beast Mode 2

Beast Mode 2 isn’t Future’s best work but my name is Lester Lee and I am not having a discussion about music without forcing Future into the conversation.



39. Mountain Man – Magic Ship

Sylvan Esso is one of my favorite bands so I will follow Amelia Meath wherever she chooses to go. If she’s a Mountain Man, I’m a Mountain Man. If she wants to go from pop electric music to old school folk music then I’m here for it.



38. Brockhampton – Iridescence

I don’t know the names of the members of Brockhampton. I don’t know how many members there even are in Brockhampton. I do know that they make great music together and the Odd Future comparisons aren’t fair because Odd Future was a bunch of individuals on a track together while Brockhampton is an actual music group that works perfectly with one another.



37. Ugly Frank & Swanks – Phonetap

Okay, everyone stop reading this list and go listen to ILLFIGHTYOU, a rap group out of Washington that makes rap music that makes me want to shadow box in a dark room. Ugly Frank is the best rapper of the group and joined forces with Swanks, another Washington rapper, on Phonetap to make an album that makes me want to [dramatically looks up from keyboard] smoke a weed.



36. Lucy Dacus – Historian

Give. Me. Girls. Playing. Guitars.



35. Nipsey Hussle – Victory Lap

I love Nip because he will put his arms around you and rap to you about how to make it in this cruel world while calling you a mark ass buster the whole time. Nipsey Hussle is the rap version of those old Jenny Jones boot camps for bad pre-teens.



34 Drake – Scorpion

drake scorpion

Drake made an entire album of ‘I swear I’m a good dad’ bars and you have to respect that. Pusha T pressed him about being a deadbeat father and this guy ran home and rewrote his entire album to basically say back at Push ‘NOOOOO NU UH’ like a child.


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33. Juliana Daughtery – Light

Juliana Daughtery’s voice makes the hair on my neck stand up and I mean that in the best way possible. Her voice sounds like it’s coming from the walls. It’s haunting.



32. Clairo – diary 001

Clairo may be an industry plant but so is Lana Del Rey and her fans singlehandedly kept Tumblr afloat for like, 5 years after we all forgot it was even still a website. I will continue to pretend like she wasn’t created in a lab to sell units.



31. Gia Margaret – There’s Always Glimmer

You…you hear that? Is that? No, it can’t be. Yes…yes I think it is. It’s a woman playing guitar. [DJ Khalid voice] TURN THAT SHIT UP.


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