Deadseriousness 2018-19 Midseason NBA Awards

The All-Star break is approaching and most importantly, the skills challenge is coming which means it’s time to reflect on what we’ve seen so far this season.

Are the Golden State Warriors going to easily win another championship? Yea, duh. But in the meantime, let’s discuss the fun shit that’s happened so far as we dread the inevitable Warriors championship parade when everyone’s super awkward to Durant because he’s on the phone with the Lakers in the middle of the ceremony.

Here are the Deadseriousness 2018-19 midseason NBA Awards:

Coach of the Year: David Fizdale

The way Fizdale has taken the reigns of the Knicks and truly introduced tanking to the program has never happened before in franchise history. Jeff Hornacek was so afraid of his job security that he had no control of his surroundings.

Fizdale went across the pond in one of the most important games for the NBA as they head to Europe to display their product to an international audience, and the ol‘ ball coach found a way to blow a 20+ point lead and LOSE THE GAME ON A GAME-ENDING GOALTEND.

Get this man the Coach of the Year and a Zion Williamson STAT.

Most Improved: James Harden

james harden

James Harden went from the 2018 MVP to Wilt Chamberlain, aka, the greatest scorer in NBA history in the blink of an eye. At one point, Harden scored 261 consecutive points without being assisted for a single point. My man put the city of Houston on his back and was like ‘watch me score 50 a night. Not you, Carmelo. You can leave‘.

Chris Paul has missed a majority of the season with an old man injury. Hemorrhoids or something. Harden is playing with the G-League All-Stars right now and the Rockets are currently the 5th seed in the Western Conference with James Ennis, Daniel House and Kenneth Faried out there watching Harden play 1-on-5 and winning more often than not.

Sixth Man of the Year: Los Angeles Clippers

Round of applause to the Los Angeles Clippers front office for putting together a roster of players who would all be the first guys off the bench on all 29 other NBA teams. It’s so specific that it’s impressive. Somehow, the Clippers have gathered a squad consisting of exclusively 6th men only and for a while, they were the 1 seed in the Western Conference.

To quote Kanye West, ‘you should bow so hard til your knees hit your forehead’.

Marcin Gortat, Avery Bradley, Danilo Gallinari, Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Tobias Harris, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Montrezl Harrell..COME ON DOOOOWN. You’ve all won the sixth man of the year award.

Rookie of the Year: Ben Simmons

This joke is never not funny to me. Never.

Defensive Player of the Year: Paul George

We need to have a discussion about how Paul George is an absolute pitbull on defense. He puts every single player he’s defending in the torture chamber on a nightly basis.

The Thunder are second in the NBA in defensive rating behind only the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to Paul George’s emergence as a defensive electric chair. (Also Nerlens Noel is a monster and deserves recognition as well).

PG13 leads the league in deflections and steals and is an all around murderer on defense. Give him the DPOY right now before a star retires from the league because they couldn’t handle George’s defensive pressure.

Most Valuable Player: DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins is arguably the best center in the NBA (if you consider Anthony Davis to be a power forward and you hold Nikola Jokic accountable for his inability to play anything resembling that of defense) and the Golden State Warriors were not only able to sign him but are pretty much just paying him in McDonalds coupons and they let him use the Wifi sometimes unless the other players are using it in which case he’s not allowed because he’ll slow everyone’s iPads down.

Now the Warriors are dropping Boogie into the middle of their already stacked team like the Incredible Hulk hopping out of a helicopter to destroy a battlefield. Warriors in 3.



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