Deadpool Might Host Saturday Night Live

There is a petition being passed around the internet to have Deadpool host Saturday Night Live. Deadpool is quickly becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies ever. It’s easily up there as one of the greatest comic book movies ever. Maybe Deadpool should actually host SNL.


[su_quote cite=”Entertainment Weekly” url=””]A petition with over 26,000 signatures seeks to have the actual character Deadpool, not Ryan Reynolds, serve as a host on SNL.

The petition, written by a Deadpool fan who admits he has “not watched a full episode of SNL in years because I just haven’t been able to stomach an entire episode,” believes having the fictional character host would be just the shot in the arm the show needs to get him and many other Deadpool fans tune in. Or at least, record it to their DVRs to watch over and over, as the petition writer suggests he would do.[/su_quote]


How much does this suck for Ryan Reynolds? He’s officially Deadpool now. That’s the only that we want from him now. Anything outside of Deadpool is unacceptable.

I better not see a Ryan Reynolds movie next year and he’s not wearing that Deadpool costume. From now on, Ryan Reynolds is gone and Deadpool has been birthed. The more I think about it, the more I want/NEED Deadpool to host SNL. It would be the best episode since ever, probably.

Sign that petition. Petitions don’t actually matter but still, you never know.


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