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Dead Serious Mailbag: Should New York Knicks Trade Frank Ntilikina For Kemba Walker?

The Hornets are making Kemba Walker available for trade. The Knicks really need a point guard. No disrespect to Jarrett Jack. Kemba Walker is a New York native and could be an All-Star this year. Yo imagine he and KP running the pick n roll. Should the Knicks give up the French Prince for Walker?


Quick house cleaning, of course, send all of your questions to and I will provide you with my genius advice. Here’s some fast advice for those of you who email me questions regarding your ex in any way: stop talking to your ex. Don’t date your ex again. There are BILLIONS of people on Earth. Why the fuck are you out here corresponding with someone who didn’t even let you do butt stuff? Stop talking to your ex.



Sooo, the Charlotte Hornets have made Kemba Walker extremely available. I don’t live in Charlotte but I’m sure there’s an ad for Kemba on Craigslist there. [Insert Fresh Prince ‘why they don’t want me’ meme here.]

The Knicks do this thing every year that’s mega cute where they like, never have a fucking point guard. As a fan, it’s super fun to watch Jarrett Jack get put on skates every single night because he can’t keep up with John Wall or Kyrie Irving.


Kemba Walker is averaging 21.7 points a game and about 6 assists. He’s the go-to scorer on the Hornets and can create his shot whenever he wants. The Knicks desperately need a ballhandler who can confidently dribble across half court. Michael Beasley can create off the dribble but he can also dribble the ball of his own foot on any given play.

In order for the Knicks to acquire him, they’d almost certainly have to give up Frank Ntilikina. Walker is actually on an incredibly team friendly deal as he is only owed $12 million this season and the next so matching contracts wouldn’t be difficult.

But to answer your question, NOOOOOOOOO.

Here’s an NBA GM pro tip: do not trade lottery picks, unless their name is Andrea Bargnani of course. It’s insane that teams give up on this young players before they’re even old enough to drink. The Lakers traded the second overall pick D’Angelo Russell to the Nets and I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if Russell was an all-star next season.

The Knicks need to keep losing and draft Trae Young. Next season Trae Young is going to average 20 points and 10 assists while Ntilikina leads the league in steals. Get Kemba Walker aka Damian Lillard-light ouuuut of here.




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