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Dead Serious Mailbag: Is It Too Soon To Hold Hands?

I’m going on a second date with a girl I met, our first date went well, and we are going to have dinner and then to the movies and that theater have the recliner seats, im wondering what girls think about holding hands or snuggling kind of in the movies on the second date do you find it desperate or weird? Also I’m not planning on making a move towards sex but wouldn’t mind it if it happened, what are clear signs that shows she wants sex?


Dead Serious Mailbag is BACK, you jerks. Of course, you can always send your questions and comments to and I will read and most likely ignore your nonsense but I appreciate all feedback. Help me, help you.

Now round of applause to this guy who has come to the exact right place. I LOVE hand holding. Sex is cool or whatever but I’m alllll about holding hands. I can’t imagine a world where I’m waiting for the second date to do it. Salute to you man. You have a stronger will than I do.

Here’s the thing about holding hands, it expands the touch barrier between you and your potential bae. Otherwise, you are two people sitting across a table and then at the end of the night, you two go your separate ways thinking ‘uh, does this person even like me?’. However, once you reach for a hand, all of that confusion dissipates.

As far as the last part of your email goes, how do you know if she wants to have sex? This might sound lame but just ask. The ‘clear sign’ that she wants to have sex is when you ask and she says ‘yes’.

I’m not saying lowering the volume on the television and making a big deal about getting her full attention so you can formally ask if she’d like to participate in coitus with you. I’m simply saying if you find yourself hanging out in Make Out City, USA, you can simply stop and say ‘do you want to have sex?’

I guarantee you she won’t think you ‘killed’ the mood or whatever. You know what kills the mood? Reaching for a girls button fly and having her smack your hand away and be totally offended.

Good luck, brotha. Everyone go hold hands this weekend.




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