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Dead Serious Mailbag: How Do I Get Women To Approach Me?

I’m a 27 year old university student, virgin, never had a date. Over the past roughly 18 months, I have given my modest best to improve myself in various ways, including going to the gym, improving my appearance and wardrobe and so on. I fully understand that those very basic steps won’t cause women to throw themselves at me but I had initially hoped to get at least some signs of moderate interest. I’m still entirely invisible to the women around me though.¬†

What qualities would a man need for a woman to disregard those norms and approach anyway? What do you think makes guys so irresistible? Help. Me.



The Dead Serious Mailbag is BACK you cowards. Hit up to send over all of your questions, comments and concerns to be answered, or most likely ignored. Real quick to all the Yankees questions, yes, I think the Yankees should trade Clint Frazier.

But now that the housecleaning is over, let me help my 27-year old virgin out here. Shout out to improving your appearance and wardrobe. Shocked that doesn’t suddenly mean that chicks are crawling all over you. You’re going to the gym now? Where the bitches at?!?!

Here’s the thing, (normal) women will never approach you first regardless of how swole you get. In fact, the more attractive you are, the less chance a woman approaches you. Do you ever walk up to the most beautiful woman in the room? You don’t because you’re intimated and afraid you’ll get rejected. Women, believe it or not, are afraid of being rejected as well.

The only girls that approach me are usually (always) drunk. It doesn’t matter what you look like. No girl is going to stop you on the street and blow you, you virgin.

What qualities do you need for a woman to approach you? Well, I suggest you get rid of whatever quality you have that makes you email me asking how to get women to talk to you.

Don’t be a bitch. Make the first move or you will be a 28-year old virgin.

I mean look at me, I never approach women first but I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m going to die alone sitting on my futon wearing a Stephon Marbury Knicks jersey with my phone at 100% because I get zero texts from girls. Destiny. As it was written. Don’t be me.





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