Dead Body Found At Janoris Jenkins House…Here’s Why That’s Good News For The New York Giants

What Happened?

A dead body was found in the New Jersey home of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins on Tuesday — and police have reportedly launched a homicide investigation.

The corpse was discovered in the basement by a worker, who was at the Fair Lawn residence while Jenkins was in Florida, ESPN reported.

The identity of the victim was not immediately released, but neighbors told The Post that the 29-year-old football star would often let family members and friends stay at the residence when he wasn’t there.

(NY Post)


New York Giants star cornerback may or may not have casually caught a body in the middle of his offseason. Janoris Jenkins was in Florida when the body was found and apparently his friends and family were allowed in his home whenever they wanted to hide a murder, I suppose.


How is this murder good for the New York Football Giants?

The New York Giants were the 31st ranked defense last season. Opposing teams were running them up and down the field. Some of that had to do with the fact that this team straight up quit on Ben McAdoo, the least qualified head coach in NFL history.

Another factor was that the Giants secondary simply sucked. That’s over now. We’ve got murderer’s row back there. There is now a player on the Giants defense capable of homicide. You don’t think that’s going to translate on the football field.

Ray Lewis killed a guy and became a Hall of Famer. Janoris Jenkins is about to have the single greatest season in the history of the cornerback position. He’s going to be the first corner to lead the NFL in tackles. And murders, of course.

Pray for wide receivers next season. Their families will miss them.


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