DC’s Wonder Woman Marketing is Atrocious/Nonexistent

We are exactly one month away from the very first live action Wonder Woman ever. Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic and legendary comic book characters of all and after years of being neglected for a bajillion Batman and Superman movies seemingly being produced every single year, she will finally get her opportunity to shine on her own.

But here’s the problem, DC and Warner Bros is pretending like this movie isn’t even happening. Before Batman V. Superman came out, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing that image of Batman and Superman staring each other down.

So far there have been two trailers and a few TV spots which is fine for an average movie release but this isn’t some random Warner Bros production. This movie should be an event. This movie should be a cultural milestone.

Ignoring early 2000’s Catwoman and Elektra, this is the first modern comic book movie starring a female super heroine. But not only is it the first female super heroine to get her own solo film but this is easily the most important female character, maybe ever.

Wonder Woman is a feminist icon. She has been the biggest female character since she was created in 1941. She is the most badass woman ever and is the only character from DC that can truly hang with the likes of Batman and Superman.

But for those who don’t think that DC’s marketing is lackluster, just peep this image of alllll of the videos leading up to Suicide Squad compared to Wonder Woman:

When Suicide Squad was about to come out, you could not escape that marketing. They were on every cup, t-shirt and billboard you saw. That lame ass Skrillex song was everywhere. There were Joker and Harley Quinn cosplayers walking around before anyone had even seen the movie.

Yet when it comes to Wonder Woman we’re all just pretending like it doesn’t exist. I had to Google to make sure the movie was still coming out next month. DC movies stinks. Batman V. Superman: trash. Suicide Squad: trash. And when we finally get a DC movie that looks decent, they hide it from us.

This movie is important. I will always remember how hyped I was when I saw Finn use a lightsaber in the Force Awakens. Finally, a character that looked like me got to do the cool stuff that I grew up watching. Yes, I know Mace Windu was in the prequels but 1. those movies were rubbish and 2. it was Samuel L. Jackson and I couldn’t help but think ‘oh shit, that’s Samuel L Jackson’.

I’m glad women will get their opportunity to see themselves ride motorcycles and punch Nazi’s in the face. Or actually they won’t see it because DC refuses to fucking promote it.




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