DC Is Going To Ruin This

The Joker trailer has finally dropped and the Internet is HYPED, as it should be. This is one of the most iconic comic book characters ever who is getting his own solo movie starring Joaquin Phoenix, one of the few actors capable of playing this type of character.

The Joker’s origin is told in the Killing Joke comic that goes through his run as a failed comedian who is out of work and can’t provide for his pregnant girlfriend so he gets into the organized crime game only to end up falling into a vat of acid that bleached his skin and turned him mad.

Typical day in the life. Happens to me like, twice a week.

Clearly this movie will take from that book and it looks like FIRE.

But are we sure DC won’t fuck this Joker movie up?

If you say the words ‘Suicide Squad’ to me, I will punch your head off your shoulders. That was the last time DC attempted to exploit the popularity of the Joker. It was a miserable failure. They used Joker in all of the promotion and they really thought dropping him into the middle of that garbage would carry a film. It did not.

Batman v. Superman was plothole after plothole after plothole. DC has no idea what a good movie smells like which is strange because Marvel is out here showing off the formula on how to do it and DC is watching that and saying ‘Let’s give the people what they REALLY want. Gray filters, smoke everywhere and not a single damn joke anywhere in the script!!!’

(Wonder Woman was fire but I’d like to imagine that was the result of Patty Jenkins ignoring all of DCs emails)

This is so clearly a rip off of Taxi Driver except with clown make up instead of a mohawk. Joaquin Phoenix is doing a Travis Bickle impression. Don’t be shocked if/when he blurts out ‘you talkin to me? Are YOU talkin to me?’ before he murders a pimp and saves a Jodie Foster-type.

Joker’s name in this movie is Arthur Fleck aka A. Fleck aka Affleck aka Ben Affleck aka DC is going to ruin this.

Joker not having an origin story is what makes him an interesting character. He is a random agent of chaos who lies about his past. Not sure turning him into a sympathetic figure is a good idea. Or I should rephrase that. I’m not sure DC turning him into sympathetic figure is a good Idea**

There is going to be a scene where Bruce Wayne is a little boy and he’s going to meet the Joker and it’s going to end with his parents getting killed. I know it. I know it and I’m already pissed about it.

I hate you, DC.


Written by Deadseriousness

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