David Price Has Just Become Public Enemy #1

I hate David Price. He has spent his entire career trying to beat the New York Yankees and now he has officially become my number one enemy as he has signed a 7-year deal with the Boston Red Sox.

After starting his career with the Tampa Bay Rays, David Price refused trades to go to the New York and opportunities to sign as a free agent. Price just can’t handle what it takes to be a Yankee. Last year he was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays and decided that he was going to become Sandy Koufax every time he saw pinstripes. That was a huge red flag. I should’ve known this move was coming.

Already started my hate For David Price when he joined the Blue Jays but I focused most of my hate on Josh Donaldson as I’ve made very clear this summer. But now David Price is the only player on my radar. You have made a very powerful foe, Price.

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People think it’s easy being a Yankees fan. We just sit back and count our 27 championships. That is completely true, but now we must keep watch. The AL East is trying to strong arm and we need to build up defenses. The Red Sox are dead. David Price is dead. The Yankees are going to drag his carcass through Harlem and I’ll be there for every pitch he throws just waiting for his downfall.

david price

Your smiling days are over, David Price



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