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David Bowie Was Supposed To Be the Villain in Blade Runner 2049 and Now We’re Stuck With Jared Leto

Denis Villeneuve’s early vision for Blade Runner 2049 didn’t include a sightless Jared Leto—as the director recently revealed to Metro U.K., he wanted the late David Bowie to play the film’s villain, Neander Wallace. So instead of a Clown Prince, we would have had a Thin White Duke. “Our first thought [for the character] had been David Bowie, who had influenced Blade Runner in many ways,” Villeneuve said, noting the otherworldly looks and sounds Bowie created throughout his career.

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The drop off from David Bowie to Jared Leto is immeasurable. Everything Bowie touches turns to gold. Everything Leto touches wilts into dust. Can you tell how I feel about Jared Leto? He is a ball of ego and self assurance and there need to be people like me in the world to keep him on Earth before his ego turns into a black hole.

Jared Leto intentionally made himself blind on the Blade Runner set and vomit. Bowie isn’t down with the shits. He’d punch in, do a weird villain thing, punch out. Repeat for 11 days. Then head home and throw on the smoking jacket.

Get Jared Leto out of the paint for the rest of eternity.





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