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Dave Gettleman Just Had The Best Day of His Life

The first day of New York Giants practice was today and the biggest event of the day was an Eli Manning interception to Jabrill Peppers. This is exactly what Dave Gettleman wanted this season when he kept Eli on the roster and traded Odell Beckham for a safety that’s worse than Landon Collins, a safety that they chose not to re-sign.

Eli Manning, the quarterback that we are continually told be the coaches and front office, threw an awful interception in one of his first passes of 2019.

The Giants had an opportunity to cut him prior to giving him a $5 million roster bonus but instead of making the sound financial decision, there are still rumors that they might give him a contract extension.

Where. Was this pass. Fucking going?

And of course it was Jabrill Peppers.

Would it shock anyone if Peppers has a phenomenal preseason? Dave Gettleman keeps holding press conferences where he acts like he invented the sports, only for Peppers to get his doors blown off on deep passes over his head game after game. That’s how this works. See Janoris Jenkins if you need prior evidence.

Ew, and look at Eli and Eli Jr. Dave Gettleman is smiling ear to ear right now. His boner just flipped his desk over.

Meanwhile, the Giants are about to go 0-16 and give Eli a lifetime contract as the Cleveland Browns march to the Super Bowl on the backs of Offensive Player of the Year Odell Beckham and Defensive Player of the Year Olivier Vernon. As it was written.

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