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Dave Gettleman Failed Drafting Kadarius Toney

Dave Gettleman should be collecting unemployment checks but for some reason, this scammer is still running the New York Giants front office despite a 15-33 record. 5 wins. 4 wins. 6 wins. 0 playoff appearances. 0 grounds for continuing to be a general manager in the NFL. One time I got fired for regular garbage into the recyclable can but whatever.

So entering the 2021 NFL Draft after 3 atrocious drafts in his back pocket, Gettleman still manages to blow it.

In free agency, the Giants signed Detroit Lions wide receiver, Kenny Golladay to a 4-year $72 million deal to become Daniel Jones’s number one target. Not a great signing as far as what he skillset is but he is astronomically better than Golden Tate so it’s a significant roster improvement.

However, this year’s draft had some crazy talented receivers available at the top of the draft that could have possibly landed on the Giants at 11 and if you’re the Giants, you take any of those 3 guys because they’d be walking into to practice day one as the best receiver on the team.

Whether it was Jaylen Waddle or Ja’Marr Chase or Devonta Smith, any of those players would be a prize for the Giants but ultimately a luxury they don’t need. With Golladay, Sterling Shephard and Darius Slayton already on the roster, drafting a wide receiver with the 11th pick would be unnecessary.

Especially when you look at how awful the Giants offensive line. Giants QBs had the 2nd most QB pressures last season. Yes, getting Daniel Jones a young star receiver would help him reach his full potential but it doesn’t matter what skill players you surround him with if he doesn’t have time in the pocket to see them.

With reports leaking that the Giants wanted Devonta Smith from Alabama, it should surprise no one that the Eagles jumped right ahead of them to trade for the 10th pick and select Devonta Smith before the Giants had the opportunity.

And for the first time in his entire career, Dave Gettleman made the correct decision: he traded down. The Giants moved down 9 spots to the 20th pick while also receiving the Bears 2022 first round pick. The Bears have an Andy Dalton vs. Nick Foles quarterback battle coming. Safe to say, the Giants just got a Top 5 pick next year.

But too little too late. Dave Gettleman should’ve traded down in 2018. If they weren’t going to use the no. 8 pick to draft Eli Manning’s replacement then you should’ve moved down and Saquon Barkley probably would’ve still been available and if not, who cares? YOU HAVE NO OFFENSIVE LINE TO OPEN HOLES FOR BARKLEY.

Okay, so you traded down to 20. Dope. Why in the fuck would you still draft a receiver? Again, you select Devonta Smith because his talent exceeds the talent on your roster. You pick the potential hall of famer because his potential compared to his selection at 11 is fantastic value especially considering who else was on the board. In 2018, Saquon is a hall of fame talent. Sure. But so was Josh Allen who was sitting on the board waiting.

Kadarius Toney could be very good and I’m obviously rooting for his success. But there were plenty of receivers available in later rounds who would’ve had the same role as Toney will have this season. Golladay and Slayton are still receivers 1 and 2 on the depth chart today. Toney isn’t even in the slot. That’s Shephard. They used the 20th pick for a backup. That’s an L. If you’re coming off a 6 win season then you don’t use your first round pick for a backup.

The difference between Devonta Smith and Kadarius Toney is the difference between asking for a Nintendo 64 for Christmas and getting a Sega Genesis box. Not a Sega Genesis. Just the empty box.

Whatever. The Giants are going to win 6 games again. Shrug. Thanks Dave. Here are some Kadarius Toney highlights to make you forget how shitty this front office is.


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