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Dave Gettleman Should Be Arrested For Drafting Andrew Thomas

The New York Giants drafted Andrew Thomas with the 4th overall draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Andrew Thomas has played 7 games in his career and he is already easily the worst offensive lineman in the entire league.

Arrest Dave Gettleman.

Andrew Thomas has allowed 37 pressures and 6 sacks this season. Trash. Here is a cute little look at how he compares to the other tackles selected in the first round:

Arrest Dave Gettleman.

Ready for another super dope stat? Andrew Thomas played all 55 offensive snaps for the Giants in their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last Thursday night. He ended the game with a 43.8% pass block win rate. For comparison sake, league average for tackles is 87%. Thomas is astronomically worse than league average.

Here is what Andrew Thomas’s former coach said about his abysmal performance:

“I’m going to be candid here, because I’m really upset for Andrew on this,” Alexander said. “What I saw (Thursday) night, I see completely different techniques than he used at Georgia. I don’t see his feet getting set. And I see his hands bouncing all over the place, like he’s punching a guy like a machine gun or something.

“When he was at Georgia, he controlled guys with his hands. So I see something completely different than I saw at Georgia. And my question is: Why are you doing different things than you did? I mean, he was the best tackle in the country. And right now it’s like, ‘Oh my God!’”

So this means one of two things. Either 1.) the Giants offensive line coach, Marc Colombo, is teaching him awful techniques which means Dave Gettleman is to blame for hiring a shitty offensive line coach. Or 2.) Andrew Thomas is legitimately afraid of the grown men he’s supposed to be defending which means Dave Gettleman is to blame for drafting a little boy who is mentally tiny.

Either way, this is ANOTHER wasted first round draft pick by the worst general manager in the NFL. 2020 he drafted Andrew Thomas No. 4 overall. He is the worst tackle in the sport. 2019 he drafted Daniel Jones No. 6 overall. Jones leads the league in turnovers since his first start.

Now, some of you will make the argument that Daniel Jones isn’t a bust and he hasn’t been given an opportunity to succeed. How can you say that the offensive line is trash and expect Jones to play well?

Fucking exactly.

Why would Dave Gettleman reach for a quarterback with the 6th pick when that quarterback would’ve been available in the 2nd round and instead, the team could’ve drafted a lineman with the 6th pick. Get your house in order before you bring in a rookie QB. Maybe build a stable program first before throwing some kid out there to get murdered.

Oh, Gettleman also used the 30th pick in 2019 to select DeAndre Baker who is very much not even on the team anymore after he robbed a house party in the middle of a pandemic.

2018, Gettleman selected Saquon Barkley with the no. 2 overall pick when everyone and their mothers knew Eli Manning was done and the offensive line wasn’t talented enough to run block for Barkley.

Also important to note that the Bills drafted Josh Allen after. Josh Allen has more career rushing touchdowns than Saquon Barkley. Philip Lindsay was an undrafted rookie signed with the Denver Broncos in 2018. Both players have the same number of Pro Bowl appearances.

Arrest Dave Gettleman.

If the season ended today, the Giants would have the No. 2 pick again. If this organization allows Dave Gettleman to draft again then the league needs to step in. Defund the New York Giants. Occupy MetLife Stadium. Burn New Jersey to the ground.

But most importantly, arrest Dave Gettleman and drop Andrew Thomas off at the local landfill.



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