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Guy Arrested For Demanding His Mom To Order Him a Pizza

A cocaine user has been locked up for 12 weeks after phoning his mum and demanding she order him a pizza.

David Paul, from Carshalton, breached a restraining order his mother Pamela Watson had against him when he demanded she buy him the cheesy takeaway.

And when Paul was arrested for breaching the order he called one of the police officers a “P*** c***” and told him “why don’t you go and bomb someone”.



Parents just don’t understand. David Paul ( A cocaine user) simply wanted to share a delicious pizza pie with his lovely mother and allll of a sudden he’s in a jail cell for the next 3 months and with no pizza one would assume.

I suppose I shouldn’t immediately take David Paul’s side because obviously there is some information missing. There was probably a restraining order against Paul because his mom refuses to ever buy him a pizza and he may or may not have gotten a little aggressive once or twice. I mean like, he is a noted cocaine user, apparently.




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