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Danilo Gallinari Broke His Thumb After Punching an Opponent in the Face

Los Angeles Clipppers forward Danilo Gallinari not only punched an opposing player in an exhibition game for the Italian national team, but he fractured his shooting hand in the process.

The Italian federation, via Eurohoops.net, announced the injury to Gallinari after he went to the hospital for an evaluation (h/t Sky Sport, via Sportando).

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN later specified it was a right thumb injury and Gallinari will not require surgery, making him available for training camp. Gallinari is expected to miss three to four weeks, per Brad Turner of the Los Angeles Times.

Gallinari punched Jito Kok of the Netherlands during a scuffle after a hard foul.

(Bleacher Report)


Myyyy man. Danilo Gallinari is having none of it. Talk shit, get hit. Whether it’s last call at the bar or a super irrelevant exhibition game in Italy, Danilo Gallinari will smash your face in if you don’t come correct.

This is what happens when you sign on the dotted line for the Los Angeles Clippers. You are required to suffer a fluke injury that’ll take you out of action for at least two months. It’s all part of the initiation process. Bonus points if that injury comes from punching someone in the jaw.

Do not sleep on the Los Angeles Clippers.


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